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Apart from being the headquarters of Tawang District, it is the abode of the 400 years old Monastery of Mahayana Buddhist. Located at an altitude of 10,200 ft above sea level, the monastery is even today the focal point of spiritual life of the Buddhists of the region and still houses more than 500 Lamas. It consists of a huge complex with 65 residential buildings and a main temple structure. It is also the second largest monastery of Asia. Apart from Tawang monastery , Tawang also has number of other temples including that of  the birth place of the VIth Dalai Lama.

Local sight-seeing can be arranged for the following places on advance booking on package tours only.

1. Tawang Monastery.

Tawang Monestry known as “Galden Namgyal Lhatse” is about 1km from the centre of the town. It is the second biggest and oldest monastery in Asia located at an altitude of 10000ft believed to be established during the period 1680-1681 AD. One can visit to offer prayer by lighting butter lamps and seek blessing of the Lord Buddha for peace and explore the huge residential complex of Lamas ie monks, an ancient library, museum and school for the basic education on the teachings of Buddhism. The 8mtr high statue of Lord Buddha is the main attraction in the centre besides the numerous statues of many incarnations of different God and Goddesses and the beautiful traditional paintings all over the walls depicting the important teachings of Lord Buddha on Ahinsa Param Dharma.

2. Ani Gompa

It is located a bit isolated from the main Tawang Monastery mainly dedicated for the Nuns called Anis exclusively for the Ladies Nuns. Nuns are imparted basic education as well as teachings of Lord Buddha in this Gompa. It can be reached by the Ropeways which take about 10 minutes or on foot march of about 25 minutes. One can experience an exciting ropeway ride and a spectacular view of entire area of Tawang.

3. War Memorial at Tawang

The War memorial was built in the memory of supreme sacrifice made by the 2420 brave Martyrs in the famous war of Indo China during the year 1962. It is just about 1km from the heart of the town.

4. Urgelling Gompa

It is just about 5km away from the main centre of the town famous as the birth places of reincarnated His Holiness the VI Dalai Lama. It is believed that the structure was built by the Lama Urgen Zangpo in 15th centuryAD. The place has been blessed by the visit of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama as such one can feel the serenity of the place.

5. Nuranang waterfall at Jang

It is one of the biggest natural water falls in India and is famous for enticing beauty of milky white water with gigantic and spectacular fall from height. The famous Hindi feature film the ‘Koyla’ featuring famous actors Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit was shot here. It is about 40km away from Tawang town.

6. P.T.TSO Lake

Locally known as Pankang Teng Tso (P.T.Tso) lake is about 14km away from the main town Tawang. It is famous for the natural scenic beauty of blue colour lake in the clear days and spectacular view covered with misty white surrounded by snow clad White Mountain in the rainy days during the winter. It is also a popular picnic spot for the visitors.

7. Tsange Tser Lake (Madhuri Lake)

This lake is about 45km from the main town Tawang and it is also famous as Madhuri Lake for the Hindi feature film ‘KOYLA’ which was picturized in the spectacular and picturesque scenic beauty of the lake area surrounded by snow clad mountain. This lake is also famous for the bare standing trees in the lake which was formed in recent past due blockage of the outlet of stream by an earthquake. It is also a very popular picnic spot with the boating facility for the visitors.